Multiple is a Brussels-based architecture and urban design office in Brussels with 25 years of active posture in the city. Multiple advocates for fair and well-distributed infrastructures serving the collectivity. 

The studio has expertise with infrastructures, railroad infrastructures, housing and social housing, multifunctional urban units, public squares and diverse equipments.

MULTIPLE's statement

Working collectivity in Brussels involves designing the ethics of architecture and urbanism in a dense super-diverse capital. Today’s challenges concern the city to make, remake, and preserve. Acting for commons and continuously evolving needs for social infrastructures require a frame, Multiple has taken the bet that ethics must shape our design.   

While developing architectural styles, Multiple questions the stakes of the act of construction. We are convinced that construction design should value and incorporate at its core the impact on individuals, the timeless ethics, adapting to citizens’ lifestyles and needs regarding housing, working, education, productivity, care and leisure.  

Architecture and urban design must produce a suitable envelope for society's continuous evolution and change how people perceive conservative spatial uses.


Avenue des Gaulois 3 
1040 Brussels, Belgium

+32 2 771 79 01


Abdelmajid Boulaioun

Abdelmajid’s eye has been trained through diverse courses over the years. He started his spatial education with a high school degree oriented towards Arts and Housing Structure in Saint-Luc, Brussels. Afterwards, finishing his architectural degree Saint-Luc Architecture (1996), he invested time studying urbanism in a post-graduate program at ISURU Brussels, Institut Supérieur d’Urbanisme et Rénovation Urbaine.

He joined SUM in 1996 and contributed to several large projects, including the masterplan development of Eilandje in Antwerp. 1998 marked a big turn when he founded ARJM architecture after winning the Boechout library in Antwerp. In 2016, ARJM architecture changed its name to Multiple Architecture & Urbanism. 

In parallel to his practice, since 2005, Abdelmajid Boulaioun has been teaching in the Master of Architecture at UCL, Université Catholique de Louvain.

Awards and Nominations :

2018 : Laureate of BIGMAT’17 NATIONAL PRIZE BELGIUM for the rail station of Herstal
2017 : Laureate of Prix Baron Horta from the «Académie Royale de Belgique» (period 2012-2017)
2015 : “Grand prix d’Architecture de Wallonie 2015” for the rail station of Herstal
2008 : Architecture Prize of West Flanders for the KA1 school in Ostend
2007 : Nominee for the Architecture Awards 2007 for the KA1 school in Ostend
2005 : Ernest Acker Prize from the Royal Academy of Belgium
2002 : Charles Duyver Triannual Architecture Prize for the Library in Boechout
2001 : Nominee for the Architecture Awards of 2000 for the Library of Boechout
1997 : Van Hove Prize for the project Biestebroekkaai in Brussels 

Team members

Maxime Beel, architect, UCL LOCI Tournai 
Živa Šekoranja, architect engineer, Faculty of architecture Ljubljana
Vianney Soulard, architect, UCL LOCI Bruxelles 
Justine Lecomte, architect, UCL LOCI Tournai 
Gaspar Lambé, architect, UCL LOCI Bruxelles 
Clément Hemy-Dumas, architect, UCL LOCI Bruxelles 
Camille Hendlisz, architect & urbanist, ULB La Cambre Horta, KU Leuven
Gilles Houben, architect engineer & urbanist, UCL LOCI Louvain-La-Neuve, KU Leuven
Nieves Clavien, trainee architect, EPFL
Manuela de Patoul, executive secretary



Livia de Bethune, architect-urbanist, KULeuven
Floris Meert, ingenieur-urbanist, UGent, KULeuven
Nely Manzano, architect, ULB La Cambre Horta


Past members : Axel Pinochet, Alexandra Mocioiu, Basile Ilan, Clement Meeus, Corentin Leterme, Damien Verstean, Eniah Matthys, Ewout Vanvooren, Geraldine Durieux, Gitte Scheurs, Henri Vantorre, Hugo Cormerais, Jeanne Le Pors, Jean Philippe Jasienski, Jeroen Hylebos, Jessica Lelandais, Julie Gargallo, Julien Saralle, Lena Brucchietti, Li Li Yap, Lorenzo Simontacchi, Martin Pujol, Manon Flores, Manon Vanel, Maria Pérez-Caballer, Marie Gorissen, Morgane Gloux, Nicolas Hanssens, Noé Teboul, Pedro Gois Nogueira, Philippe Boris, Pierre Verraes, Riet Coosemans, Romain Lefebvre, Roxanne Vanginneken, Sarah Piteau, Thomas Simon, Tomas Luyten, Tony Jandolo, Valentin Garcia, Valentin Schaller, Valentine Eloy, Virgile Molinaro